Just About Everything Else

Curious about the long term habitants of Seven Quails? How they view B&Bs?  Or how Seven Quails does business? Well then this is your section and if you don't find the answer here we are always available via email or phone, for which see Contact Us.

The Occupants

Sashsa the Streak Sasha the Streak


First there is the prima donna resident feline, Sasha, often known as The Streak and who wants you to think she is a nerd posing as she does next to Karina's laptop. You probably will never come across Sasha as she is confined to the Innkeepers' quarters. 

9 Names Don't Fool with Me Look 9 Names' Don't Fool with Me Look


A second feline, the beautiful (so she thinks) 9 Names (one for each of her nine lives), a striped tabby similar to the Cat in the Hat, is here but seldom seen.  We did, however, catch her giving the camera lens her no nonsense look meant to scare the life out any mouse that crosses her path.


Ages:  Both about three years.  Occupation:  Both double as resident rabble rousers but are more often than not found practicing horizontal meditation in any number of soft spots.  Likes: Any cat food from a can; back rubs, Al Gore (they are known environmentalists). Dislikes:  Most dogs, except Kay who is good for intimidating; cold weather.  Good for: Petting; purring; streaking (with fur on); little else.

Kay the AKC Posture Champ Kay the AKC Posture Champ




And then we have the vineyard dog, K - in reality Kay. Originally hired to keep gophers under control; now assigned as the official greeter. Species: Black English Lab (She barks with a cockney accent). Services provided: Visitor alert and perpetual tail fanning (wagging). Likes: People of any size and shape. Food: Will eat anything (except humans). Dislikes: Small children who practice tail elongation exercises. Good for: Love. Sympathy when the wine maker is in trouble with the local authority (aka wife).

Dave & Karina Being Jolly Dave & Karina Being Jolly



And finally we get the winsome twosome, Dave and Karina, your merry host and hostess, shown here partaking of fruit of the vine, the elixir of youth. This candid shot is indicative of the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds Seven Quails.


Karina is an educator (mostly Dave) while himself is an engineer, Nerd of the Manor. The rest of our life must remain a mystery until you visit us.


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