First Time in a Bed and Breakfast?

Here are some thoughts about B&Bs . . .

Some folks view B&Bs as inexpensive hotels where you get a reasonable breakfast included in the room charge.  Others look at them as an "experience" ripe for devouring at every opportunity. Here at Seven Quails we view true B&Bs – we regard Seven Quails as falling into that category - as more than a place to sleep and eat breakfast, as an experience in relaxation, a place to become re-acquainted with your significant other, with nature, with your inner self. This is a place to let go, to enter into Paso Time, to forget what drove you here in the first place, to truly forget for a time the rest of the world.


But then there is the ying to relaxation’s yang: wine tasting, partaking of good food, seeing other local attractions. So if you must, you must. But we still counsel a slower pace, breakfast at 9 AM, wine and nibbles late in the afternoon, a game or two of Mexican Train in the evening hours, all to make you forget the outside world.


At Seven Quails, we try very hard to be environmentally responsible. We:

  • Recycle all newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, glass, and cans; and,
  • Try and hold electric power and propane usage to reasonable limits and therefore we ask our guests to turnoff all lights and close all windows and exterior doors when leaving their rooms for the day.