How Do We Conduct Business?

The short answer to this question is:  The way we would wish to be treated.  You see we are from the old school, the school of handshakes, and no credit cards.  We try to keep life simple.  Works best that way. But there are probably a few situational questions that may come to the readers mind, such as cancellation policies, pets, smoking, etc.. How we do business for these matters follows:

  • Room Accommodations – There is a limit of two persons per room.
  • Minimum Stay – We require a two night stay but sometimes make an exception especially for overseas visitors.  However, we never do so for weekends which are Thursday thru Sunday evenings.  We do so, we believe, for very good reasons. Paso Robles is a destination for visitors that usually travel at least 200 miles or more to stay with us. Very few, if any, want to turn around and return home the next day so booking single evenings usually destroys an opportunity to book multiple day visits for those visitors. Additionally, Seven Quails is a place people should come to relax, and emphatically so. Our experience with single evening stays is that they tend to be rushed affairs, in for the experience, quick out to dinner, back to bed, then up and at 'em the next morning. That type of stay is more suited to a hotel than the more personal experience of this B&B. If we do accept single evening bookings there is a surcharge of $45.00 to cover the additional cost for short stay room servicing.
  • Check In – Usual check-in time is between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM. A later check-in time is available with prior arrangement.  You are welcome to check-in earlier, leave your bags, sit and enjoy the view but your room may not be ready until the 3:00 PM check-in time. Please call ahead if you wish to check-in early to insure we are available as from time to time we must get the mail, stop at the bank, and purchase provisions for our guest's breakfasts.
  • Check Out – Is 11:00 AM.
  • Smoking – As a courtesy to other guests and for the safety of the local environment, smoking is not permitted indoors. We do have a designated "Smokers Haven" outside.
  • Environmentally Green – Mother Nature needs our help to keep cool so we ask our guest to remember to turn all lights out and close all windows before leaving for the day. It reduces energy waste. Consult Dave the engineer for a more complete technical explanation.
  • Cancellation – Experience has taught us that people who place cash deposits for their reservations do not cancel without good reason.  If that reason does occur then if you give us three weeks notice we will refund your deposit completely with no transaction fee. If less than three weeks we refund completely (most likely) if we fill your reservation spaces; again no transaction fee. If for some odd reason we don't fill the spaces then we credit one half (50%) of your deposit against a future stay. We have only had one time in six years where we were not able to fill the space and that occurred when the cancellation was made within 24 hours of the scheduled arrival date.
  • Early Departures – Please, you are responsible for the entire booked stay should you depart earlier than intended.
  • Regarding Pets – Kay, the very old and local Vineyard Lab, along with Sasha and Nine Names, the terrors of the local gophers, will eventually greet you if you wander onto their turf (they are not allowed in the B&B). While they mix well with humans and each other, other canine and feline friends pose a potential problem so we limit pets to those presently residing here.
  • Phone Use – Cell phone service is excellent on the property.
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access – This service is available without charge within the inn.
  • Computer Services - We provide our guest with large screen (21") Vaio P4 for internet browsing including free access to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journel On-line.  Also useful for early flight check-in.  A printer is available for boarding pass production and other miscellaneous chores.
  • Rates - are subject to change - but we only intend to make adjustments to compensate for increased expenses so if you check the rates before you finally book you are OK. Reservations once booked and secured with a deposit are honored at the quoted rate.