Where It All Starts - The Vineyard

Zinfandel wine trees Zinfandel to the Left, Cabernet Franc to the Right

The familiar old saying that "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" applies in full measure to wine: great wine begins in the vineyard. Seven Quails' vineyards provides premium cabernet sauvignon,  cabernet franc, malbec, and zinfandel grapes for our commercial wine labels, Seven Quails and Dave's Garage Wine


Our vineyard soil, heavily seeded with marine deposits of sedimentary rocks high in carbonates, combined with hot summer days and cool fog enshrouded mornings provides the distinct terroir for which Westside Paso is noted, one similar to that found in the Bordeaux and Rhone regions of France as well as Tuscany in Italy. This soil provides the foundation for the character imbued wines made from grapes grown here.  Local rainfall averages a scant 11 inches a year further intensifying the tasting experience. 


The vineyard Late April with Promises of Things to Come

Ninety five percent of the vines are bilateral trellised. The remainder, added in 2008, are head trained. Land is cleared to plant an additional seven acres. The steep slope of the property dictates that these vines be head trained.


Seven Quails is a true boutique vineyard and winery with a productive capacity of 400 to 500 cases per year. Only Estate grapes are used for our ATF bonded production which is accomplished offsite.