What Our Guests Say About Our Wines

What is it, seven billion people in the world, 316 plus million in the United States, 38 million in California? And just like finger prints there are probably no two persons with identical taste buds.  This all goes to prove that wines are a subjective taste. If you like it, that’s what counts. So the purpose of this section is not to tout the greatness of our wines or try and convince you of our uniqueness, a truth in fact, but simply to say that you may like them, you may really like them, you may find them excellent, or super, or poof, they may do nothing at all for your taste buds.  But you’ll never know unless you taste them.


From our perspective, biased as it is, the cabernets are more subtle and understated pairing well and harmonizing with most foods. The zinfandels on the other hand are bolder, perhaps a bit brash; just what is needed to compete with the heavier steaks, stews, and sauces. Either wines are enjoyable by and in of themselves.


The usual rite of entrance at Seven Quails is complimentary wine and nibbles on the day of arrival but sometimes postponed to the next day when more guests might gather ‘round. Larger crowds, oh we can grow to eight persons, provide a better perspective not only on the wine but on the day’s events in and around Paso.


With sufficient advance notice, we offer complimentary wine tasting to perspective guests. To arrange such a visit, telephone Dave at 805-712-8574 or Karina at 805-712-8764.


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And now the comments . . .

“Best kept secret... they bottle their own excellent zin and cab at very reasonable prices.” Trip Advisor review “ A little bit of heaven” June 6, 2014 by Deb B, Carmel, California
“Our first night there we enjoyed some excellent appetizers, including homemade gravid lax, accompanied by some of Dave's stellar zinfandel.”  Trip Advisor review “Outstanding” May 6, 2013 by Pete M., Markham, Ontario, Canada
“Upon our arrival we were greeted with wine (so good I bought two bottles to take home), . . .”  Trip Advisor review “Heaven on Earth” April 28, 2013, Fraizer Family, Los Angeles, California
“Once we tasted the Zinfandel and Cabernet, we bought a case to take home.” Trip Advisor review “A Most Memorable 65th Birthday” March 19, 2013 by Mary L. Toledo, Ohio
“We search for good wine no more, and order 6 bottles to finish our long trip in USA and save some for our friends back home.”  Trip Advisor review “Shangri-la of B&B” January 7, 2013 by Asian Chef, Bangkok, Thailand
“Finally, the Zinfandel David produces is first rate. Seven Quails needs to be on your "bucket list.”  Trip Advisor review “A vista with a great Zin you will NEVER forget!” August 30, 2012 by Bob the Auditor, Houston, Texas