Experience True Hospitality at Seven Quails

deer and the trees Just Off Our Country Road - Your Moat to the World



Your perfect vacation begins at Seven Quails. You'll know you're in a new world, nearer to nature than ever when enter that last half mile of country road leading to your destination.  You may encounter our native deer (be careful!), and most certainly our low slung speed demons that dart across your path, aptly named ground squirrels but often referred to by other unprintable names, and then . . . the vineyard and inn appear.



california trees California Just As It Was in the 1700's



Approaching our gate you'll see a slice of native California ahead and to your left, untouched, just as it was when the first settlers might have come across it in the 1700's.  You have arrived.  Peace is at hand. 

Seven Quails bed and breakfast Seven Quails with Those Clear Central Coast Skies

Seven Quails offers two full suites, A Room with a View and a two room suite, Sunnyside-up + The Owl House. Both feature queen sized beds with 650 thread count or greater sheets. Both have their own private baths. A Room with a View is suitable for two people. Sunnyside-up and The Owl house are separated by and share an interposing bath which has interior locks allowing for complete privacy. In as much as The Owl House is part of the Sunnyside-up Suite it is never reserved separately from Sunnyside-up.




Sunnyside-up is a suite for two by itself or with The Owl House it is suitable for three or four persons total.

Each suite has its own mini refrigerator, guest bathrobes, bottled and Brita filtered water, healthy and unhealthy nibbles, wine glasses so you can imbibe in private, and a selection of wine country oriented and educational reading material. Television is not provided on the theory that our guest come to relax away from the stress of day to day activities.  Free Wi-Fi is provided and is available throughout the inn. 

See the site tab Suites for further details.


A central location close to Paso wineries is one of the hidden benefits of staying at Seven Quails. We are 5.5 miles, 12 minutes if you count in time, from the center of Paso Robles with tasting rooms less than two miles from our gate - and we should modestly mention at this time that we are a bonded winery so you may enjoy a tasting experience without ever leaving Seven Quails.  However the outside world does exist so from that first winery outside our gates it is a hop, skip, and a jump to a multitude of the other World Class wineries of Paso's west side. For a closer look go to What to do When You're Tired of Tasting Wine.


Any good experience at a bed and breakfast is very dependant upon your hosts.  We know how we like to be treated and extend the same courtesies to our guests, the old Golden Rule in action.  As for the cast of characters that dwell full time at Seven Quails, well check them out under the tab Just About Everything Else.